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May 11, 2014


Pastor Chuck

Today is Thursday and I'm continuing to examine intergenerational issues facing us. One thing I see clearly is that younger people, Millennials especially, want authenticity, intimacy, and focus in their worship and in their church settings. Another interesting, and readily apparent, change is that "committed" used to mean that a person attended church 3-4 times a month. Now, twice a month is more than sufficient. This change has profound implications for the shape of doing church in coming years.

Pastor Chuck

So far, I've been reading a series of reports from the Barna group regarding inter-generational perceptions and changes.It's quite clear that the church in its older forms is not reaching the younger generations...especially the Millenials (those born from 1980-1995). Their basic distrust of the organized church is quite deep and they are not very interested in connecting with the church. However, they do profess an interest in Christian values and ideals.

Further reading this week will be from millenial and buster (born 1965-1980) blogs and materials.

There are significant challenges in language, perception, commitment and community. I'll be exploring these.

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