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These are strange and (in recent years) unprecedented times. If we are followers of Jesus Christ, we must remember that our calling is not to be fearful, but to respond to all situations with love. Spend some time in prayer today and ask God how you can best love your neighbors (both literal and metaphoric) through this situation.

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My beloved True North Family,

Sisters and brothers, there is a lot of news circulating about COVID-19, and it is changing every day. Your church board and I have been studying the latest information from the experts and updates from the CDC. 


As followers of Jesus, we are called to be made perfect in love rather than be ruled by fear. We follow God who is powerful and who is greater than any disease. We are also called to prudence and wisdom. We also follow a God who’s eyes are on the sparrow and who’s love abounds for those who are vulnerable. Those of us who have given our lives to Jesus are called to be transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit and our surrender to that work to be made more and more like Jesus.


We are called to walk that fine line between panic/fear and willful apathy. Most of us will be fine even if we contract it, but we have members of our body who fall into the category of the most vulnerable to COVID-19, and we believe that Jesus calls us to take care of them before ourselves. 


In light of all these realities, I want to give a few updates:


We are right now planning on continuing to meet in-person, with some changes to keep each other safe. As of right now, the state of Idaho has not called for a ban on gatherings, and the states that have banned gatherings have only done so for gatherings over 250 people. Our sanctuary is capable of housing those of us who gather while allowing for the recommended 6-9 feet of separation. We are also implementing extra cleaning measures to make sure our worship space is as safe as we can get it.


  1. If, however, you are sick and displaying symptoms such as fever, cough (dry), flu-like chills or body aches, etc., please stay home from service. If your children are experiencing such symptoms, please keep them and yourself home as well. 


  1. We are planning on implementing a different (better) streaming option this week, so that anyone who stays home may tune in with the best streaming possible.


  1. If you are immunodeficient or feel more comfortable staying home, please do so with my blessing. Please also tune into the service online at True North’s Facebook page. If you require assistance in viewing, contact Pastor Dirk or myself. In addition, please consider inviting other people voluntarily staying home to join you for prayer and Bible study as well.

  2. We are also suspending Communion for the next few weeks.


We also recognize the unique and difficult situation this may put working parents in, and we’d like to offer a solution. Please note that you must have prior approval from your lead pastor before bringing your child.


  • If you are the parent of a child impacted by the school closures, we have an option for you: Dena Scott will be hosting “Connect Emergency Vacation Bible School” at True North Church from 8am-3:30p

  • this service is being offered to working parents

  • Limited to 25 children

  • Kindergarten-6th grade 

  • Children will need their own transportation

  • Children must bring a sack lunch as well as additional snacks

  • A reusable water bottle will be provided 

  • The cost is only $25/week per child. *Scholarships may be available.* 

  • Prior & written approval from your lead pastor IS REQUIRED 

  • DO NOT bring your child if they are, in any way, sick or ill.

  • This program will operate for two weeks, any extension will be evaluated and announced.



In general, we urge everyone to follow these best practices:

wash your hands frequently (with soap, warm water, for at least 20 seconds, scrubbing between fingers and under the nails)

  • avoid touching your face. 

  • carry a handkerchief for touching public doorknobs then wash it when you get home.

  • keep in conversation with your doctor if you begin displaying  symptoms.

  • only go to places that are often overly crowded (100+ people) before or after peek business hours.

  • remember that it is still flu/allergy season. Check your temperature if you’re unsure.

  • Call and check on one another. 

  • continue to pray for medical practitioners, those affected by this sickness, and for all world leaders to practice wisdom and seek the greater good.


I love you all dearly. We will come out the other side of this, and we will continue seeking Jesus through it.


I hold you all in my prayers constantly,

Pastor Megan

An update from Pastor Megan 3/15


Sent out in love in order to
love like Jesus.



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