We will post any updates to our worship plans regarding COVID-19 here. Also check our Facebook page and our email newsletter.

These are strange and (in recent years) unprecedented times. If we are followers of Jesus Christ, we must remember that our calling is not to be fearful, but to respond to all situations with love and wisdom. Spend some time in prayer today and ask God how you can best love your neighbors (both literal and metaphoric) through this situation.

All together now!
Sundays @ 10:15a

In addition to our Facebook live option, we have added a new option. We are now using Zoom to live stream! Follow this link: 

For security, there may be a login required. There are chat options as well!

Thanks for tuning in.

On June 7, 2020, we began the long transition back toward meeting in-person for our worship service. We will continue to stream our service for any who need this option for any reason. We believe, fervently, that God shows up in the digital world too. 

Below are some important updates/guidelines about our physical gathering.

1) There will be children’s church! (Go, Ellen!) She will be creating a plan for that.

2) We will maintain physical distancing for the foreseeable future. The chairs will be set up with 6ft distances between them, except where there are clusters for family units.

3) The church will be sanitized prior to our arrival, but we will need to sanitize hard surfaces as we leave, so we would love to encourage everyone to have socially distant conversations in the parking lot or join us in sanitizing! If you’d like to participate in the Sanitation Crew, drop me a note! We will also have hand sanitizer available upon entry. 
3B) There will only be ONE entrance door open on Sundays. Please plan to enter through the glass front doors.

4) Coffee will never be cancelled. BUT it will not be self-serve for awhile longer. We will have the coffee maker (wearing gloves and a mask) pour everyone’s blessed elixir.

5) We are encouraging everyone to wear masks. If you do not have one, you’re in luck!! We’ve had a number donated, including some beautiful ones made by my very own mother (Go, mom!)! We also have vinyl gloves available.

6) Please respect the boundaries of others. Some will be ready for hugs and handshakes, others are not. Do not assume they want a hug. Consent is key!! (This is an always and forever rule, by the way!) 

--Pastor Megan


Sent out in love in order to
love like Jesus.


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