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Rev.Dirk Scott
Senior Pastor

Rev. Dirk Scott is True North Nazarene's Senior Pastor.  Dirk brings a vibrant peronality and a true heart for the work of the Lord.  He and his wife Dena love reaching out to others either over a meal, coffee or a short visit to get to know people and friends on a close basis.  He has been the Associate Pastor for True North over the past four years.  He also is the head of 2nd Chance Compassion Ministries which works with homeless, families in crisis, crisis housing and much more.  He is also involved with short term mission work in Africa with his wife Dena.

Pastor of Stewardship Ministies

Dave and his wife Diana have been involved with leadership ministry together their entire married life. They been involved in pastoral leadership in many capacities.  Lead Pastor, Church Planting Pastors, Chairman of the Board of North Idaho YFC, and Secretary of the True North Nazarene Church board.  Dave's new role will  be to oversee the operations of True North Nazarene and the Tiny Homes Project .  He will also fill in at the pulpit during times when Pastor Dirk is called away.  Dave along with Diana also have a heart for the lost and for the plight of the homeless. 

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Rev. Barbara Kingen
Pastor of Families, Children/Youth Ministries

Barbara has been and continues to be highly involved in working and counseling families.  She heads up and overseas a program called "Strengthing Families", designed to assist families in growing and living together.  She also administers "Families in Crisis" designed to help women with children on the street to find shelter and help.  In addition to each of these she oversees the children/youth programs of the church, giving leadership to those who teach and lead our kids.